Food Photography: Wedding Cake!

I was at a wedding this past Saturday at Sweely Estate Winery in Madison, Virginia. Just try to tell me that this isn’t a GORGEOUS cake!


Vanilla buttercream filled with chocolate and deliciousness.


4 Responses to “Food Photography: Wedding Cake!”

  1. Maggy says:

    This cake is okay, but ahem ahem I saw a BEAUTIFUL wedding cake on April 24th. Also I saw it on the 23rd, and the 22nd… I was going to send you pictures…but they would have been of me in sweats, batter EVERYWHERE, and exhaustion/anger apparent. The final cake was okay, though.

  2. So I don’t even get ONE photo of this masterpiece??

  3. Teri Edwards says:

    This was the Peach wedding cake that we created just last weekend! I LOVED the flowers that we used to garnish the cake; provided by Pat’s Floral Designs. YUM

  4. Maggy says:

    Hey – facebook stalk me. I am not sophisticated enough to download a facebook picture and then send it to you (really). There’s a kinda good but not awesome picture of it that I will tag as you (feel free to de-tag once you’ve been notified).