Food Photography – Deep Fried Oreo Sundae!

My apologies for the less than stellar photography, but I had to share this. I lot of food was consumed on my trip down to Florida (and I mean a lot). While in Orlando, after a long day riding many excellent roller coasters, we walked to a local seafood restaurant called CityFish. I’m not much of a seafood guy but I’ve been working on expanding my horizons and I’m glad I did. The fish was excellent.

Deep Fried Oreo Sundae

After our delicious main course, we took a gander at the dessert menu and saw a deep fried oreo sundae that could not be ignored. Practicing some discretion, we decided to buy one and split it among the four of us rather than wallow in the (delicious) guilt of having our own. This was not the first fried item of the trip and neither was it the last. I must say, this sucker rocked and difficult to describe. Definitely not an everyday indulgence, or month, but something special to enjoy on your birthday, or to celebrate a promotion, perhaps saving the world.

Deep Fried Oreo Sundae

Put it on your to-try list!

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