A Kickin’ Club

This may seem a bit odd, given my recent rant on meat substitutes, but I made a delicious Tempeh Club Sandwich this weekend thanks to Totally Vegetarian. I won’t post this as a “recipe” as it’s pretty simple (and I didn’t think of it).

Tempeh Club

I browned some slices of tempeh, followed by adding a bit of tamari. Stacked that on bread with lettuce, roasted red bell pepper, red onion, tomato, swiss and a bit of french dressing. Grilled that sucker up and it was delicious. Tempeh is, by far, my favorite meat substitute.

2 Responses to “A Kickin’ Club”

  1. I love the pic! Though you know how I feel about red bell pepper, red onion and tomato 🙂

  2. Chef Edwin says:

    Haha, you’re a child-eater in an adult’s body! We should start doing comparative line-ups of we each have for dinner in a given. I’m sure the contrast would make for a good laugh.