Foodie & Health News!

Oy, what a week! Let’s kick back our heels a bit with some foodie and health-related news, mmkay?

  • Cat Catches Swine Flu (I’m not kidding!)
  • Kellogg’s finally agreed to take the very misleading “Helps your child’s IMMUNITY” banner off of Cocoa Krispies boxes. Listen, Cocoa Krispies helps no one’s immunity.
  • Flour Girl at Washington Post asks, “What’s in Your Cake Flour?
  • Washington Post features top reader recipe picks for October – including fancy eggs, Italian vegetable stew, Moroccan chickpeas with apples and more!
  • Don’t miss out on some neat foodie events in the DC area this week – I’m looking at you, Chef Edwin!
  • Proper storage of leftover cheese makes it last a long time.
  • I could have used this auto-sealing coffee mug yesterday when I spilled coffee all over myself while driving.. fun!
  • And… loldog?



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