Kitchen Tips – Liquid vs. Dry Measurements

Well, team… it’s been fun having you all to myself while Chef Edwin was off exploring the west coast. Unfortunately we didn’t get to make fried cheesecake, but let’s take a rain check?

I want to mention something that is probably completely elementary for some of you and may come as a shock to others – when cooking and especially baking, you need to use a different measuring cup for wet ingredients and dry ingredients.

Maybe you’ve had this debate with a friend or spouse before; I know I have! I’ve even tried using a dry measuring cup for liquids once when I was too lazy to wash the wet measuring cup (awful, I know!) – the result was not good!

If you need a little convincing, I’ve rounded up some articles that talk about the necessity of using wet with wet and dry with dry, in addition to a few discussion boards where people are battling the question out. Feel free to join in the melee!

What Is the Difference Between Wet and Dry Measuring Cups?

Liquid vs. dry measure

Liquid vs. Dry Measure Converter Tool

Dry and Liquid Measuring Equivalents

Humorous Pictures

Happy Friday!

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