Kitchen Tips – Freezing Pancakes

Last night my husband was out with some friends, so I had pancakes for dinner – fluffy oatmeal cookie pancakes from Joy the Baker!

Pancakes are a more recent obsession of mine. However pancake recipes often make a lot more than just one or two servings. Sometimes I halve the recipes, but not all recipes work well when you halve them. But really, why halve a delicious pancake recipe and deprive yourself from enjoying them again later?

So don’t! Make a big batch, but whatever pancakes you don’t eat, set out on a cooling rack in one layer so that they cool completely and dry out a bit. When the pancakes feel dry, place them in ziploc bags or a one gallon size ziploc bag (separated by wax paper so that it’s easy to pull them apart) and freeze. When you’re ready to enjoy them again, warm them up in a toaster (my preference) or, if you prefer, briefly in the microwave (you don’t want them to get rubbery).

Any time is a good time for pancakes!


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