So this is pretty exciting – today’s Food Photography is all thanks to a lovely DinnerCakes reader, Grace Thoreau, who actually sent me cookies! All these years of wishing that people would send me baked goods, and it finally paid off!

key lime cookies

These little beauties are coconut-lime sugar cookies.

Sugar cookies are not usually among my favorites for two reasons – they always seem to be too hard and too dry. So my jaw dropped (luckily no cookie fell out) when I bit into these soft, moist and totally flavorful coconut cookies with cute flecks of lime. Grace tells me it’s the unsweetened flaked coconut run through a food processor that keeps them so soft, and the fat in them (don’t tell my bathroom scale) keeps them moist.


Itching for the recipe? Well, you’ll have to consult Grace. Grace is a fellow blogger, and though she’s not a food blogger she’s definitely a foodie! Hop over to her blog, Fumbling with Grace, for some fun and quirky quick wit and humor about getting through life as a young working woman (maybe she’ll bake you cookies, too?).



3 Responses to “Food Photography – Coconut-Lime Sugar Cookies from The Fumbling”

  1. Shelley says:

    Grace gives too much credit to the coconut and fat. I think she has a magic crab or something like in that movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar…no idea what the movie was called…but everything Grace makes is SO FREAKIN GOOD. Or maybe she doesn't have a magic crab and she's just an outstanding chef. You should get her to send you some mac n cheese =).

  2. Grace says:

    Look at my cookies! They look so much more glamorous than they would if I were to photograph them. My food photographs always look diseased.

    And really, it IS all due to my magic crab.

  3. You must be referring to 1999 classic, "Simply Irresistible."
    Sadly SMG has never been in a particularly good movie, but I let her have a pass due to my Buffy obsession.

    Mmm.. mac and cheese.