Kitchen Tips – How to Save your Burned Pots!

My husband Morgan and I were given a wonderful set of stainless steel Calphalon cookware as a wedding present. The pots and pans are amazing and we use them exclusively.

So my heart may have momentarily stopped when Morgan, while trying to steam vegetables but with too little water in the pot, burned the bottom of our 6 quart spaghetti pot completely black!

I assumed that the pot was ruined. He tried a few small things but nothing seemed to help.

Then he found an amazing how-to guide on How to Treat Burned Pots and Pans. It was Step 4 that really made the difference:

“If burned areas still remain, cover them completely with a generous amount of baking soda. Drizzle in just enough water to create a thick paste, smearing the paste up the sides of the pot if needed. Set aside for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.”

And now? The pot now looks brand new! All the black that was at the bottom is completely gone. So if you or your significant other burns a pot – relax! The steps work.


One Response to “Kitchen Tips – How to Save your Burned Pots!”

  1. Barkeeper's Friend also works super well (instead of baking soda).