Happy Weekend, DinnerCakes readers – today is my birthday!

It’s actually barely my birthday… just fifteen minutes until 1:00 AM as I’m writing this. Why so late? Well, already a lot of exciting things have happened – who could sleep?


Throughout history, June 6 has always been an important day:
1944 D-Day, World War II: Battle of Normandy begins.
198?Ghost Baker was born!
1984Tetris was released.
2009 – TBA!

I brought chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache to work today, modeled off the Sky High Cakes recipe that Edwin and I made back in November. Halving the cake recipe gave me about a dozen cupcakes, and I was so immensely pleased that they were so well received! I was also given lovely flowers and taken to lunch. Thank you, everyone!

Then when my husband, Morgan, came in from work today, he brought a dozen peach and orange roses with him! I spent the rest of the evening cooking and baking in preparation for a joint birthday cook-out at a good friend’s house later today.


I had just taken Alton Brown’s Baked Macaroni and Cheese out of the oven and Morgan had just gotten into bed when the the phone rang. His sister had applied to transfer colleges and she just found out that moment that she got in! This is something that she worked very, very hard for and wanted with all her heart. We are thrilled, ecstatic, positively delighted and overjoyed!

The clock just struck 1:00 AM; barely my birthday and already so many wonderful things have happened. If the last 24 hours are any indication of things to come, then it should be an amazing year indeed!


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday, GB! It's the 157th day of the year (158th in leap years)…”

  1. Happy birthday, Heather! I shall call you later for a proper greeting. 🙂

  2. Oh, two more things. When you do a question mark in the 80's for your birthday, but write everything else in chronilogical order, one can assume you were born in '84 or before. 🙂

    Also, cupcakes look delicious. Less chocolate would make them fabulous, but tasty they seem indeed.

  3. Thanks! Haha, I'm not totally trying to conceal the year.. just making it slightly more difficult!

    Less chocolate!? What is this crazy talk!

  4. Grace says:

    The picture of you in the birthday tiara, with flowers? IS BEYOND ADORABLE!!! Happy birthday!!

  5. Jane says:

    i freaking LOVE that picture of you. it is seriously cute overload.

  6. haha, are you going to pinch my cheeks? 😛