Bakeless Cookies? That's crazy talk!

I remember three years ago sitting among a group of women who were telling me they couldn’t believe I’d never tried, heard of, made, or otherwise been exposed to bakeless cookies – three years later here I finally am! Yesterday for the first time ever I made “bakeless cookies.”


This recipe is straight out of my bridal shower recipe box. A few months before getting married, my bridesmaids threw me a dessert themed bridal shower (they know me well, huh?). They requested that each of the guests bring a dessert recipe, and they collected them all in a cool wooden box painted blue and orange, the colors of my alma mater. I’m looking forward to slowly trying each of the recipes in this box!

recipe box

So back to bakeless cookies – I’m not sure I “get” them. I guess I assumed they would firm up, but they’re still very soft. I can pick them up now without too much sticking to the foil, but the consistency is akin to warm, soft fudge or chewy caramel candies (without quite that level of stickiness). I wanted to just describe them as “little goo balls,” but Edwin advised me against using that imagery… woops? They did firm up quite a bit after I put them in the fridge, but they’ll always be soft.


While sadly I probably can’t pack these cookies up to take to work (because they’re so soft I’d worry they’d just meld together, and I think the consistency might confuse people expecting a typical flour-based cookie), I will say that they’re pretty addicting. I started out with just one, then I snuck back for seconds, and then the cycle continued on. I’m interested to hear what you all think about bakeless cookies, whether you try your hand at these or if you have your own recipe. There’s definitely no confusing them for baked cookies and nothing compares to cookie dough, but maybe they do have a place in the cooking/baking world after all? It’s hard to say no to chocolate + peanut butter, and it’s no secret that I’m a little obsessed with oats. These cookies are very chewy and oaty.


And in DinnerCakes housekeeping news – something big is coming to DinnerCakes tomorrow! If you’re a regular reader, then you may have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about. Edwin and I are very excited about it – please check back tomorrow to find out what we’ve been working on behind the scenes!


Bakeless Cookies
from my husband’s Aunt Claudia, who received this from her grandmother Louise

2 cups granulated sugar
dash of salt
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup oleo (same thing as margarine)
1/2 cup peanut butter (chunky or smooth)
3 cups quick cooking oats
3 tablespoons cocoa

Melt margarine in a medium size pan. Add sugar, milk and cocoa; stir constantly. Once the mixture starts to boil, cook for 5 more minutes and then add peanut butter, blending until smooth. Remove from heat and add in oatmeal fast.

Drop by tablespoons onto foil. As they cool they will firm up just enough so that you can pick them up and pop them into your mouth!

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7 Responses to “Bakeless Cookies? That's crazy talk!”

  1. Grace says:

    I first had these when my second-grade teacher made them as a reward for our class after finishing “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and I still love them! I just so rarely make no-bake cookies because it feels like a cop-out, especially if I’m taking them somewhere.

  2. Grace – it really does feel like a cop-out! Where’s the mystery? Where’s the worrying about whether the cookies will fall flat or rise? It’s so strange using a recipe that has no place for me to mess up! 😛

  3. Erin says:

    Oh wow! Talk about a blast from the past. I haven’t had no-bake cookies since I was a little girl. I will definitely have to whip up some of these and watch Annie or The Little Mermaid and pretend I’m not 28.

  4. Laurian Vega says:

    Hum. What could you use instead of oleo? I try to stay away from thinks like that. I really want to try making this since they look crazy delicious.

  5. Hmm.. I've never had a problem with margarine, but I suppose you could try regular butter. I'm wary of recommending something I've never tried, but I can't see why regular butter wouldn't work.

  6. Z says:

    Regular butter works, and its better for you anyway. Margarine is 1 molecule away from being plastic and its dyed yellow (the original color is pretty disgusting.)

  7. Valkyrie says:

    Regular butter does work great in this recipe. I’d recommend leaving them over night (if you can stand to not eat them for that long – it’s hard!) They really do firm up more the long they’re in the fridge. Mine seem to firm up best if they’re on the bottom shelf in the fridge.