Food Photography: Our 100th Post!

Can you believe it? It’s already our hundredth post! Oh, how time does fly… Now, this picture may not look like much (poor lighting, bad framing, grainy, etc), but it has special significance. Back when Heather and I were just (re-)getting to know each other, we took a fondant class together at a local cooking supply store. This is my result.

The class was an… interesting experience and one that we both enjoyed. As far as I’m concerned, this is where it all began. It’s been good working with ya, Heather; and I’m sure I speak for both us when I say it’s been great writing for all you loyal readers. Happy 100th, and I hope we see you for another 100 (and beyond)!

Fondant Cake - Part of the Beginning

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2 Responses to “Food Photography: Our 100th Post!”

  1. Morgan says:


  2. Thanks! Hooray for our 100th post!

    It’s true, Edwin and I took a fun fondant class together. Humorously, it was the day after I got engaged… so my head was all over the place and I think my cake probably suffered for it! Edwin, I’m glad you posted a photo of your cake and not mine 🙂

    Here’s to 100 more posts!