Assembling a Trifle

My eyes aren’t fully undilated, so please forgive any typos or bizarre things contained within this post. I feel fairly cross-eyed!

So the other day I was thinking about things I could make for dessert that aren’t so heavy. I came back to my old favorite, the red, white and blueberry trifle. However I realized after looking through this post that I was rather vague with the assembly. So why don’t we walk through that a little better?

cool the pound cake

First bake and cool a delicious vanilla pound cake. My favorite for trifles remains the Double Vanilla Pound Cake from The Art & Soul of Baking.

setting up

I let my pound cake cool, wrapped it in foil and let it sit overnight so that it wouldn’t crumble when putting together the trifle.

trim hard edges

Next, gently trim away any crusty edges.

1/2 slices

Cut the pound cake to one inch slices.

1/2 slices2

And I like to eat the end pieces…

cut in half

Cut each slice in half long ways.

half inch cubes

Then cube it.

half inch cubes2

We’re going for 1/2 inch to 1 inch cubes.

1/2 inch cubes3

You could also cut two slices at once to save time if you wanted.

first pound cake layer

Arrange your first layer at the bottom of the trifle bowl. Use about two slices of pound cake in each layer.

first strawberry layer

Add a layer of sliced strawberries over the pound cake. Because basically no fruit is in season right now, I used frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries.. which are frozen in their prime anyway. While cooling the pound cake the night before, I also sliced the strawberries and moved my fruit to the fridge overnight to thaw.

first blueberry layer

After strawberries comes blueberries. You should have sprinkled your fruit with a bit of sugar while it thawed overnight. After adding the fruit to the trifle bowl, feel free to sprinkle additional sugar.

fat free sugar free pudding

After fruit comes pudding. I used two small boxes of fat free/sugar free vanilla pudding. To make the pudding you mix each packet with two cups of cold milk, whisking for about 2 minutes. The pudding will set in about 5 minutes.

fat free whip

A layer of fat free Cool Whip will even out the cake and fruit.

vanilla pound cake

So pound cake, strawberries, blueberries, a sprinkle of sugar, pudding and Cool Whip is the routine. After the Cool Whip you begin your layer again.


Lots of people like to get fancy here, arranging each strawberry slice individually. Ghost Baker refuses to indulge this level of detail!


Rustic arrangements keep me sane.

prying paws

Do you notice anything that doesn’t belong in this photo? Prying noses and paws, perhaps?

to the top

Once you’re done with your layers, you can get decorative at the top… making lovely fruit arrangements, adding dollops of Cool Whip, coconut, nuts or other kinds of fruit.


If you’d like your cake to get a little softer and let the pudding and Cool Whip seep in, prepare this early and chill it until it’s time to serve. If you’re firmly against softened cake, then prepare just before serving. I enjoy the pudding-laden cubes of cake, so I prepare mine several hours before serving. Enjoy!