Ahhhhhh, Halloween!  Quite possibly my favorite holiday of the year.  When else can you act (and dress) completely wacko without being considered a social pariah or candidate for a padded room?  I still haven’t decided on a costume this year and time is running short.  A friend and I are throwing a super hero and villians themed party and I haven’t been able to come up with an original, entertaining idea (suggestions welcome).  Alas!

Pretzels and Dough Future Broom

With most hallween-style foods, it’s all in the decoration.  You take a cookie and make it an eyeball, or a pumpkin, perhaps going extreme with a tombstone topped cupcake.  All cool (and tasty), but there are but there are some pretty cool inventive stuff out there as well.

Witch Broom

This was a cool idea someone shared with me some time ago; taking use of pretzels in a non-chocolate-covered way.  Plus, the 3D aspect I’m a fan of.  Cookie witch hats and brooms!  A great activity to do with kids.  Treat these as guidelines.  Use whatever cookie you want; just be sure it’s one that doesn’t “spread” too much during baking.  Shortbread is a great option.

witch hat

Witch Hats and Broom Cookies

Prepare any cookie dough you’d like.  For the hats, just bake some flat cookies.  Once cooled cover with a chocolate icing or ganache.  Top with a hershey kiss and pipe some frosting around the base.  Voila! Super Shortcut: Take fudge-striped cookies from the grocery store (the ones with the chocolate covered bottoms) and simple top with a hershey kiss and piping.

For the brooms, take some pretzel rods and break them in half.  Roll some small, flat balls of dough and poke the pretzel in it.  Set is on your pan and press the teeth from a work to make the broom bristles.  The taller these balls are the more they will spread, so be warned. Bake per the recipe (if you don’t bake till hard, you can repress the indentions a bit when they comeout).  Once cooled, drizzled chocolate frosting or ganache where the cookie and the pretzel meet.  Enjoy!