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What is DinnerCakes?

DinnerCakes is what happens when an engineer (Edwin) and a researcher graduate nursing student (Heather) join forces to combine a passion for cooking and baking, photography, and a sense of adventure. DinnerCakes is not a food blog by culinary professionals, but by two friends who love to create in the kitchen and share it with others. We aim for healthy, fun recipes (peppered with a few “just-like-mom-used-to-make” comfort foods along the way) that are accessible to the average full-time employee in a hyper busy world. We hope you’ll join us in our culinary journey!

Who is DinnerCakes?


    Heather – Ghost Baker

    Likes:Cake, ice cream, pumpkin, peaches, frozen cherries, bananas, spinach, couscous, chicken, scallops

    Dislikes:Baby corn, lunchmeat, cilantro, mango, grapefruit, hot chocolate

    Favorite Meal:My mom’s chicken parm, angel hair pasta, lentil-walnut burgers, homemade pizza

    Weaknesses:Let’s face it – chocolate and any kind of dessert!

Heather loves working with food and the way everything comes together in a recipe to make something great. Heather enjoys boring her friends with trivia about the differences between navy beans and cannellini beans as well as fattening them up with baked goods. Heather has taken a few cooking classes, but most of her experience comes from growing up around good food and observing family. When not experimenting in the kitchen or studying, Heather also loves reading, photography, watching tv shows on dvd, microbreweries and traveling.


    Edwin Bachetti

    Likes:Apples, legumes, milkshakes, grapes, couscous, garlic bread, lebkuchen, Alton Brown.

    Dislikes:Pumpkin, most seafood, spicy (hot) food, cake from a box (sacrilege!), dark chocolate.

    Favorite Meal:Sunflower’s Sunflower Forest, my mom’s german rouladen with dumplings, my kick-ass creamy red bell pepper soup with wild rice (mmmm).

    Weaknesses:Soda, buffets, my mom’s cooking.

As a friend once said: most people cook to eat; Edwin cooks to cook. Edwin loves to create and loves to learn. A flexitarian (trendy, right?), he focuses less on baking than his partner and more on vegetables, legumes and whole grains found around him. He loves not only to create excellent food but to understand why it came together well. Cooking is a craft that he tries to grow in every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know each other?
Heather and Edwin actually went to high school together but only knew each other casually. Both went their separate ways for college (Heather: UVA, Edwin: VT. DUN DUN DUN!) but then became reacquainted through mutual friends in the “real world.”
Where is DinnerCakes?
Both Heather and Edwin live inside the beltway of Northern Virginia and Heather lives in Charlottesville – where many a tasty meal can be found (in our kitchens, of course).
I like your banner. Who made it?
Heather and Edwin were thrilled to have Edwin’s sister, Stefanie, create the banner and bring their ideas to life.
How do I ask a question?
E-mail Them!

Contact Us!

Edwin and Heather love to get feedback. Have a question, a request, or just want to shout out? Feel free to comment on any of our posts or e-mail us. We’re also on twitter so feel free to follow us there.