Ghost Failures

Chocolate Guinness Cake
From “Feast” by Nigella Lawson

Anyone ever made this cake? I tried it over the weekend, and it’s the first bundt cake I’ve ever had actually fall apart when I turned it over to get it out of the pan.


5 Responses to “Ghost Failures”

  1. Maggy says:

    I made a cake that sounds very similar a few years ago. When they say that it has to be in a springform pan, and that you have to leave it there a few hours until it is cold, they aren’t kidding. However, I remember it being incredibly tasty…it and one other recipe were the reason I registered for (and got!) a springform pan.

  2. huh.. I don’t see what difference a springform would make versus a bundt except i guess it would be easier to get out of the pan. and it’s true, I didn’t wait until it was completely cool because I thought that was silly. Look where all my scoffing got me!

    Congrats on the registry gift – it’s how I got all my nice kitchen things 🙂

  3. caroline says:

    i did this in a loaf pan (the copy of the recipe i had didn’t mention springform) and while it was a *little* crumbly, i did manage to get the whole thing pretty much out in one piece, and from there it didn’t matter anyway since it was consumed in a matter of minutes by hungry wards.

    did you like the taste of it though???

  4. I think this recipe is a little bit different than the one you sent me, Caroline.

    I just tasted a small bite before sadly tossing it. I usually like cakes best after they’ve “set” overnight… so I can’t really say! I’ll probably try the recipe you gave me next.

  5. Brynne says:

    I’ve made this cake several times. The recipe I use I found on If you let it cool completely in the pan in should come right out. Mine has never fallen apart.