Natural Veggies for Charlottesville, Blacksburg & Lynchburg!

Recently a friend alerted me to a pretty awesome opportunity to get fresh, natural vegetables! The co-op is new to Charlottesville and Blacksburg, but has already been in place in Lynchburg, Va.

For $35.00 a year, you can get 5lbs per week of vegetables of your choice for 24 weeks. They haven’t chosen a pick up location yet in Charlottesville, but it’s coming soon.

I have already sent in my membership form and fee, and I’m really looking forward to this come springtime! Check out their website to see all the great veggies they offer and if it may be up your alley – Sausser Farms.

3 Responses to “Natural Veggies for Charlottesville, Blacksburg & Lynchburg!”

  1. Maggy says:

    We’ve definitely thought about doing this with the beef. It’s a better option for us than farmer’s markets, and for people who would commit, it would be better because it would enable us to lower the price because it is less time/expense of marketing. Is this something you think people would be interested in? We’d list the cuts they’d get each week for 25 weeks, and there would be a delivery day/time of various cuts, probably 2-3 lbs/week depending on the cuts. Sometimes its hard to tell what would be appealing from inside the business.

  2. Hmm.. yes and no! As to yes, I think it would be really appealing especially in the wake of movies like Food, Inc. (which I just saw by the way..). Knowing where your food comes from is, I think, growing in importance. And while Morgan and I have talked a few times about ordering some beef, the cuts are too big for us to justify and store. As to the no, I think more people are trying to eat less red meat, or at least mix it up more with chicken? Or maybe that’s just me 🙂 So committing to eating red meat each week might not work for some people. It’s definitely an awesome thought, though.

  3. Maggy says:

    Thanks! I think you make good points – especially, I think to make it work we’d have to have maybe tiered levels to adjust the quantity that people like you and I, vs. families with four children, would want each week. All of this is in the post-clerkship future, for now.