I received a few questions regarding yesterday’s post about what happened with the texture after I put the banana ice cream back in the freezer, both in the comments and via e-mail. Rather than bury the answer in the comments I just wanted to post it more clearly for you here –

When I first took it out of the freezer again it had basically frozen solid and was too firm to scoop with a spoon. The color also browned a bit. I left it sitting out for a little while to dethaw, and after about 10 minutes the texture was definitely much better and not like Dippin Dots anymore. So if you refreeze it, remember that it will brown a little because it’s banana, and be sure to then let it sit out before serving.

2 Responses to “Follow-up on Easy, Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Sugar Free Banana "Ice Cream!"”

  1. Grace says:

    Potentially dumb question…does it taste like banana? Because if it did not, that would be super! I love ice cream, but banana, not so much.

  2. Yes, it does taste like banana. Since banana is the only ingredient, there's no getting around it 🙂

    I'll experiment with other fruits and see if it's possible to get the same effect.