While The Cat's Away…

Hey friends!

Just a reminder that Edwin is going on vacation! He’ll be back towards the end of next week.

Until then, it’s just you and me! The posting schedule may look a little different than usual, but Edwin will be posting photos and updates from his journey as possible.

With Edwin mostly out of the picture (mwhahaha!), let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to explore or cover this week. Maybe we could do something that Edwin would freak out about if he was here… like talk about Paula Deen’s recipe for Fried Cheesecake (can you feel your heart clogging yet?).

Actually, on a much healthier note, I recently found a link for easy, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, sugar free ice cream. Seriously – and the secret ingredient isn’t tofu!

The link pulled me in with the title, “How To Make Creamy Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient.” Apparently the secret ingredient is banana – peeling and freezing a banana and then whirring it in the food processor can give you a rich and creamy ice cream-like texture. The article also suggests experimenting with an extra ingredient or two… like peanut butter.

Have you guys heard of this before? It sounds pretty awesome. Why don’t we give it a try? Meet you back here tomorrow!

2 Responses to “While The Cat's Away…”

  1. eped says:

    yes! we do that here in the fsm (well, we do everything we can with bananas), and it is indeed super tasty.

  2. Nice! Do you ever add any extra flavors? I'm trying to decide whether to get fancy or keep it simple 🙂