Food Photograhy – Some Exotic Fruit!

It’s my birthday this weekend (oooooold) and as a gift, my sister sent me some fruit I had never heard of before: lychee. It’s an asian fruit with a thin rough shell that holds a white, jelly like pulp. To me, it tastes creamy; almost like coconut.


Asking around, the most popular way to eat it is just raw after peeling away the shell. I’ve done this with a few, and it’s good, but I really want to try an actual dish with them. After doing a bit of digging through my cookbooks, I’ve decided to try either a custard or a pudding with them (maybe both). Of course, I had never done a custard before so I thought it best to try that first.


With any luck, I’ll have some delicious results this weekend!


3 Responses to “Food Photograhy – Some Exotic Fruit!”

  1. Xiaolu says:

    I absolutely LOVE lychee! Dunno if you've ever tried it canned, but fresh is way better.

  2. abs says:

    did you find a lychee custard recipe??really need one;o)

  3. Chef Edwin says:

    Sadly, I did not and I haven’t seen any locally to experiment more with!