Food Photography – Hazelnut Gelato

Ahhh, summer. Home of hot weather and cold treats. When I was in Europe last year I spent a few days in Rome taking in the sites and the cuisine. One of the highlights was the gelato. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a gelato stand there and I definitely took advantage; often partaking several times a day. Soooo good.

Recently, a gelato stand by the name of Pitango opened in the Reston Town Center; a walk from where I work. I sampled a small cup of their hazelnut flavor this week and I have to say it was amazing. Creamy but not heavy, cool but not brain-freezing cold, and the hazelnut flavor was so simple and yet so delicious (as a child of a German mother, I can tell you I know my hazelnut). I fear I may fall into a familiar multi-visit patter as I did in Rome.


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