Growing up, my mom was always really into Easter every ear. We did it all; the easter baskets, the egg hunt, the big easter meal… She didn’t stop making my sister and I search for eggs until some time in middle school. I still remember my father telling me “Just find the eggs. Do it for your mother.” She always did get a kick out of it.

One of the traditions we also had was a yellow lamb cake she’d bake and decorate. She’d even dye shredded coconut green for the grass. This tradition died some time ago but came back this year. Alas, we did not have shredded coconut and couldn’t justify the thirty minute drive to the market (my mom lives in the boonies); and there was some…. difficulty removing the lamb from the pan which required some decorative gluing….. but it was good to see all the same.

Easter Lamb Cake

I hope you all had a great Easter.

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One Response to “Food Photography – Would you care for some lamb?”

  1. That is too cute — and how wonderful to revive a family tradition!