Food Photography – Go Steelers!

Go Steelers!

That’s right, I’m getting pumped for Super Bowl XLIII! If you couldn’t tell, I’ll be rooting for the Steelers (and Heath Miller, who graduated from my alma mater, The University of Virginia)!

(Pictured: Eagle Brand’s Double Delicious Cookie Bars – recipe adapted to fit my 8×8 inch pan)


4 Responses to “Food Photography – Go Steelers!”

  1. Sports Kate says:

    Hey Heather — cool blog! And yes, gooo Steelers! Did you hear about the Eat'n Park Steelers smiley cookies? My Pittsburgh aunt sent me a dozen in the mail yesterday with a terrible towel:;=2. Anyway, I'm going have to read this blog a lot more… yum yum!

  2. Sports Kate – Thank you! No, I hadn’t heard about the smiley cookies, but man do I miss Eat’n Park! I’ll have to check that site out – sounds great.

  3. drbubbablog says:

    The bars look delish! I could eat a whole pan, but I fear the hours I would need to spend on the elliptical paying for my binge. I could really go for an Eat’n Park hot turkey sandwich.

    Got my terrible towels ready. Come on Big Ben don’t let us in Findlay Ohio down.

  4. Well, umm… I ALMOST ate a whole pan once when Morgan was on a business trip in Savannah… so proceed with caution!

    At the grocery store last night Morgan suggested I make a “Pittsburgh salad” for the super bowl (the salad with french fries on it).

    Sunday better be a good day for them!